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8: Meditation for Kids

8: Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness and Meditation is something near and dear to me. Not only do I incorporate this into my life, but I preach the importance of living a mindful life to parents and children. As we are deep into the COVID-19 Pandemic, it becomes more apparent how important mindfulness is. Not only to navigate big events like pandemics, but also the day-to-day events that can rob us of peace and joy. On this episode, I speak with Tejal Patel (@tejalvpatel).She is a divorce attorney turned certified mindfulness, meditation, and Ayurveda advocate for moms and kids. She is the host of the Time-In Talks Podcast and has a great course called #kidscanmeditate.She just released a NEW BOOK which I am in love with called Meditation for Kids- 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety, and Stay Focused.And let me tell you, it’s so fun and vibrant that even ADULTS will want to learn to meditate with this book.We talk all about her journey, her book, and why we both feel mindfulness is important for parents and children.We truly believe that raising mindful children can make the world a better place. Here is a link to her must-have bookhttps://tejalvpatel.com/meditationforkidsbook/

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