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5: Raising an Intuitive Eater

5: Raising an Intuitive Eater

I talk to Pediatric Dietitian, Jessica Gust, about ways to raise an intuitive eater.Jessica has an amazing Instagram account (@elementnutrition.kids) where she shares tips on nutrition, picky eating, and any common concern you would have in regards to feeding your child. She also has resources on her website including how to introduce solids and easy meal ideas for kids using pantry/frozen foods (timely for the COVID-19 Pandemic).https://www.elementnutritionco.com/resources/Jessica and I chat about ways to raise an intuitive eater and what it means to be an intuitive eater. Allowing your child to have a positive relationship with food is important and we hope this episode can lay a healthy foundation for feeding your child. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @pedsdoctalk and @elementnutrition.kids

Duration: 38 min

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