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12: Never Have I Ever Loved a Netflix Series So Much!

12: Never Have I Ever Loved a Netflix Series So Much!

On this episode, I welcome back Dr. Hina Talib, an Adolescent Medicine Physician. We both fell in love with the Netflix Series "Never Have I Ever."As two ethnic women (and Pediatricians with kids of our own) we immediately connected with all the themes brought up in the show. The show is funny, respectful, and honest in the way it depicts common issues teenagers go through in this day and age. We are playing Never Have I Ever and tackling the main themes in the episode. We talk about our own personal experiences in High School in regards to the themes in the show and Dr. Talib digs deeps into the issues she sees as an Adolescent Medicine Physician. We discuss issues like body image and mental health. Tune in to hear why we love this series so much, why we think shows like this are important, learn more about us, AND learn more about teenagers. We can't wait for season 2 so we can do this again!Follow us @pedsdoctalk @teenhealthdoc on Instagram to continue the conversation.

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