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11: Understanding the Stages of Adolescent Development

11: Understanding the Stages of Adolescent Development

On this episode I welcome Dr. Hina Talib, a board certified Adolescent Medicine Physician. With only 500 practicing Adolescent Medicine Physicians in the US, it's a small but extremely important subspecialty in Pediatrics. Dr. Talib sees patients in those tween years through their teenage years. Years that are filled with tons of developmental growth. On this episode, we hash out those stages of adolescent development:Early Adolescence: 11 years-14 years Middle Adolescence: 14 years-16 yearsLate Adolescence: 16 years-18 yearsWe discuss the importance of understanding their development in order to better be able to communicate with them and understand where they are coming from with their actions.Similar to the toddler years, this understanding can help a parent or teacher navigate these impressionable years. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @pedsdoctalk and @teenhealthdoc to continue the conversation! 

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