Beginning Again (with Eddie Glaude Jr.)

Beginning Again (with Eddie Glaude Jr.)

On this week’s episode of Stay Tuned with Preet, “Beginning Again,” Preet answers listener questions about the ethics of the Trump family’s Goya endorsements, posse comitatus and the unidentified federal agents in Portland, and Preet’s frequent usage of the term “separate and apart.”  Then, Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude joins Preet for a conversation that covers his new book, “Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own,” and what we can learn from the late novelist about racism, America, and a path towards justice.  For show notes and a transcript of the episode, head to: To listen to Stay Tuned bonus content, become a member of CAFE Insider at:  Sign up to receive the CAFE Brief, a weekly newsletter featuring analysis of politically charged legal news, updates from Preet, and analysis from Elie Honig, at: And if you haven’t already, listen to a sample from this week’s episode of the CAFE Insider podcast for free at or in the Stay Tuned feed.  As always, tweet your questions to @PreetBharara with hashtag #askpreet, email us at, or call 669-247-7338 to leave a voicemail.

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