My 3 Subs: The Kids Are All Right… Sort of. 2nd Half

My 3 Subs: The Kids Are All Right… Sort of.  2nd Half

The concept of club soccer has evolved tremendously over the last generation. While there are stillsome school teams thriving, it is not uncommon to hear of Soccer Clubs having hundreds, eventhousands of youth player in virtually every age group. The energy, focus, and money seem to have shifted to “club ball.” Licensed youth coaches Evan Hacker & Scott Melton of Memphis Futbol Club coach boys & girls teams, and they join Tim Van Horn & Brodee Scott in the Center Circle Studio to talk about growing the game with our next generation & their philosophy of developing ALL players, not just the best 11.My 3 Subs: A Soccer OdysseyCreator/ Manager: Tim Van HornExecutive Producer/ Chairman: Brodee ScottGet in on the show:FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAMSPONSORS:Financial Wealth ServicesHal Downing, President901-498-2190HalDowning7@gmail.comTim VanHorn

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