My 3 Subs: EURO AND I’ll STEER 2nd HALF.

My 3 Subs: EURO AND I’ll STEER 2nd HALF.

He might be best known as Tim Howard’s first #Goalkeeping Coach, but Tim Mulqueen was and is much more than that. A former player at the professional level, Mulqueen has been on both sides of the locker room. Tim Mulqueen sits down with Tim Van Horn to discuss Mulqueen’s transition from player to coach, including many incredible experiences in #NCAA, #MLS & #USMNT along the way. Now, TimMulqueen is looking to build a winning #USL Championship side and develop that next great player as Head Coach of #Memphis 901 FC. In this episode, you’ll hear Tim Mulqueen as you’ve never heard him before, sharing personal stories in a candid conversation.

Duration: 46 min

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