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#239: A Better Life with Rebecca Smith

#239: A Better Life with Rebecca Smith

Are you racing towards your goals? Running away every chance you can? I sure do. We could all use a gentle reminder to slow down and listen to what God may be telling us. This week we are bringing you an exclusive interview with our very own Rebecky (https://www.instagram.com/rebeccasmithonline/) ! There are no problems this month as we celebrate Rebecca Smith’s vulnerable and sweet page-turner that launched this week. In A Better Life: Slowing Down to Get Ahead (https://www.amazon.com/Better-Life-Slowing-Down-Ahead/dp/0310357578) , Rebecca tells us many personal stories of how she took baby steps and followed God’s lead to find her purpose. Even though she is one of my dearest friends, I didn’t know the sweet story behind Better Life Bags (https://betterlifebags.com/) before reading. I loved each chapter more than the last and I’m so happy she shared her heart with all of us. Rebecca Smith lives in a low-income area of Detroit, Michigan with her husband, four children, and many miscellaneous pets. She started a custom handbag company in her basement with a mission to hire women who have various barriers to employment. These women are adopted into the Better Life family and given a chance to succeed in life, family, and friendship.  WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: an update on Better Life Bags (https://betterlifebags.com/) Rebecca and Katie - who’s Emily’s sister? Emily new home decor Rebecky’s southern, tea-drinking grandma alter ego, Honey Bee launching a book during a pandemic letting your dreams simmer avoiding comparison feeling like a fraud (it’s not just you) God’s “special stickers” LINKS MENTIONED: Milk & Honey Tees (https://www.milkandhoneytees.com/) Ruggable (https://ruggable.com/) #38: Starting Small and Saying “Hello” with Rebecca Smith (https://momstrugglingwell.com/podcast/38-rebecca-smith) CONNECT WITH REBECKY: website (http://rebeccasmithonline.com/) | instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rebeccasmithonline/) CONNECT WITH EMILY: website (https://momstrugglingwell.com/)  | instagram (https://www.instagram.com/momstrugglingwell/)  | facebook (https://www.facebook.com/momstrugglingwell/)  | patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) EPISODE SPONSORS: Noom (https://www.noom.com/programs/health-weight/exsf01/?group=audio&isvanity=y&lang=en&sp=adresults&step=pros&type=bakedin&upv=3&utm_content=msw&utm_medium=podcast&utm_source=momstrugglingwell) : sign up to start your trial today at noom.com/msw (https://www.noom.com/programs/health-weight/exsf01/?group=audio&isvanity=y&lang=en&sp=adresults&step=pros&type=bakedin&upv=3&utm_content=msw&utm_medium=podcast&utm_source=momstrugglingwell) Purple Mattress (https://purple.com/?c3ch=Podcast&c3nid=MSW&utm_campaign=44793&utm_content=pod&utm_medium=au&utm_source=vr&utm_term=pt) : visit purple.com/msw (https://purple.com/?c3ch=Podcast&c3nid=MSW&utm_campaign=44793&utm_content=pod&utm_medium=au&utm_source=vr&utm_term=pt) and use promo code MSW to get $150 off any mattress order over $1500 (terms apply) Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (https://www.rebelgirls.com/pages/podcast) : a fairytale podcast for kids about extraordinary women from all over the world SUPPORT THE SHOW: Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell)   SHARE THE STRUGGLE! If you've been encouraged, share this episode with a friend.  The struggle is real.  We might as well do this together! Do you love Mom Struggling Well? Please leave a review here (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-struggle-well-project/id1046121933?mt=2) !

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