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Raising A Good Man | Kara Kinney Cartwright | Episode 124

Raising A Good Man | Kara Kinney Cartwright | Episode 124

When asked what we want for our children most parents say we want them to be happy. However, we also want them to be good, kind, responsible people. That's the premise behind Kara Kinney Cartwright's new book Just Don't Be An Assh*le: A Surprisingly Necessary Guide to Being a Good Guy. It's a straight-to-the-point conversation with our teenage sons about the unspoken rules of life. Kara brings her wit and wisdom to the Mighty Parenting podcast as she chats with Sandy Fowler about raising a good man. They'll cover those crazy teenage years when our boys' hormones are raging and their moods and attitudes can leave something to be desired and how to impart all the lessons you want your son to learn. Our Guest: Kara Kinney Cartwright  Detailed Show Notes and Support at episode 124 Our Sponsor: The Great Courses Plus—30 day free trial of high quality, educational streaming videos

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