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GuruGanesha is my guest in this episode and we are talking more about 3HO culture within the context of the abuse stories coming to light around Yogi Bhajan--the "spiritual teacher" who founded what we know as "Kundalini Yoga". GuruGanesha, a child of the ‘60s, grew up in a world where social expression and musical boundaries were confined to a very rigid set of rules that the 1950’s America dictated. Then one day that all changed: It was in 1964 that the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, and the world was never the same. He knew right away what his life long calling would be and then set out across the country armed with a guitar and a vision to touch people’s souls with sound and love. For more info: https://www.guruganeshaband.com/FULL LETTER FROM SAT PAVAN (one of the many women who have come forth to share their stories of being abused by Yogi Bhajan): I am one of the victims. I did not say anything for 28 years because I thought it was a "test". I thought having me watch porn three nights a week when I was 17 was really testing me to not be so innocent as he always said I was. I thought when I was alone with him at night in his room for night duty when I was 18 and he asked me to get in bed with him and make out with him and that all his "wives" do this it was a test. As I shook, terrified, as my heart beat out of my chest as tears burned my eyes and I repeatedly said no it was a test and when I left his room I thought if I told anyone he would be destroyed. I couldn't believe he trusted me with this secret. He offered me money, shopping sprees, fancy trips. I turned it down telling him I just wanted to serve the Guru. I thought he was a holy man, a Sikh of the Guru and if I said anything all the good he had done would be destroyed so I hid it. I stuffed it away. It haunted me for years. I told myself that it was an isolated incident and nothing happened. On the day before my wedding, asking for his Blessing he refused to give it saying I betrayed him in choosing Sarib and I could have had him. I remained loyal, I danced at events, I traveled and played Kirtan and even as he tormented me for years and pressured Sarib and I to not go to school, to work in the businesses and not do anything else, I said to myself he has our best interests in mind. I validate the women. I am one. I stayed. I wanted to serve the mission. What mission I ask now? I was angry for so long feeling after all of this he did not keep his promises that Sarib and I would always be taken care of. I directed this anger at every one else, but not him. To find out from other friends that he did similar things to them, but they left because they couldn't separate him from being a Sikh and their loyalty to be a Sikh was not strong. They are not crazy. This was not ok. It took Sarib asking me a question two weeks ago if I would be ok with these events happening to Jivan Jot, who is the same age as I was. It woke me from denial. No! I saw everything clear in that moment. Sarib has known these things for years but has patiently waited for and hoped I would realize what was done to me, how he continued to abuse me for marrying Sarib, disparaging Sarib to me, because I was the one who got away, but was still around in the community. And still I did not want to destroy people's lives. One of my friends said the reason she did not come forward was because she thought no one would believe her. I did not come forward because I thought everyone would believe me and the weight of hurting so many people weighed on me. I cannot hide. I cannot keep silent. I am a Sikh. He does not get that. I will dance, I will play Kirtan, I will hold my head up. I am the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. I am part of 25 million strong. I am a survivor of mental, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. He owns that abuse.------------------------ABOUT YOUR HOST:Porter Singer (formerly known as "Sirgun Kaur") is a spiritually-inclined music-maker and personal coach. Her life experiences have taught her that every person has the capacity to be their own greatest teacher. Both her music and her teachings are designed to assist humanity in a gradual shedding of resistance, and an eventual discovery of ease and receptivity—where the joy is! For more info on coaching or events, email info@sirgunkaur.com or visit https://sirgunkaur.com

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