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Today's conversation is all about PARENTING! This is such an important conversation to be having and really brainstorming about right now in the time of quarantine, where we are probably spending a lot more time with our kids than we are used to. Emily Quandt is leads a community called FREE TO LEARN, where she empowers children and teens through natural learning. As a child Emily was privileged to spend the majority of her time practicing what the Alliance for Self-Directed Education calls the six pillars of self-directed education: her social strata expected that she was responsible for her own education; she was given almost completely unlimited time to play, explore and pursue her own interests; she had the opportunity to play with the tools of her culture; she had access to a variety of caring adults who were helpers, not judges; regular free age-mixing between children, and adolescents; and she was immersed in a stable, supportive, respectful community. More info on FREE TO LEARN COMMUNITY: http://freetolearncommunity.com/------------------------ABOUT YOUR HOST:Porter Singer (formerly known as "Sirgun Kaur") is a spiritually-inclined music-maker and personal coach. Her life experiences have taught her that every person has the capacity to be their own greatest teacher. Both her music and her teachings are designed to assist humanity in a gradual shedding of resistance, and an eventual discovery of ease and receptivity—where the joy is! For more info on coaching or events, email info@sirgunkaur.com or visit https://sirgunkaur.com

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