Jack Tracy, Necessary Outlet Productions


When gay nightclub

When gay nightclub "Toxic" becomes the next site of a deadly mass shooting, members of the LGBTQIA community must push aside their internal disputes to come together and do what they've done throughout history in the face of danger--survive. While the specific events portrayed in Community are fictional, some listeners may find them disturbing. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Episodes: 6


Episode 1.6 - I Matter

Duration: 28 min

Episode 1.5 - 10-90

Duration: 26 min

Episode 1.4 - You're Not Going To Die In There

Duration: 20 min

Episode 1.3 - 12 Minutes

Duration: 21 min

Episode 1.2 - Hide

Duration: 23 min

Episode 1.1 - All We Have Now

Duration: 19 min

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