College Career Connect

An interview based podcast on

An interview based podcast on "Bridging the gap between the college and corporate world" by guiding the youngsters and equipping them with the skills required to excel. Mail Contact : +91 80152 66564

Episodes: 15


#14. Life Skills - Rahul Jain

Duration: 37 min

#11. Heartful Networking -Srijata Bhatnagar

Duration: 45 min

#9. Collaborate - Dr.Dharmesh Raval

Duration: 47 min

#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj

Duration: 42 min

#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram

Duration: 43 min

#5. Making India Employable-Jogesh Jain

Duration: 39 min

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