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Secret in the Well

Secret in the Well

In the fall of 1987, Fred Wilkerson disappeared. He didn't leave a note. There was no sign of foul play. And yet his son, Tim, knew in his heart what the whole town came to suspect - that Fred had been murdered. Sixteen years later, investigators take up the case, and look to get to the bottom of the town's biggest mystery. Treat your hair with MADISON REED! Get 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING on your first Color Kit with code "COLDCASE" at www.madison-reed.com   Find affordable online therapy with TALKSPACE. Match with your perfect therapist at www.Talkspace.com or download the app. Use promo code COLDCASE to get $100 off your first month. Get a quote online at www.Progressive.com in as little as 5 minutes and see how much you could be saving!

Duration: 33 min

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