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A Killer Slips Away

A Killer Slips Away

Lily and Alonzo knock on Anna Mae's door. They've come to take their elderly sister shopping. Instead, her door flies open and a young woman runs past them - covered in blood. Alonzo tries to grab her but she literally slips through his fingers. Inside, they find Anna Mae dead on the floor. Who was this mysterious young woman? Why did she kill an innocent senior? And what does it all have to do with a jar of mayonnaise? Support cellular defense and repair with TRU NIAGEN! Visit www.TRUNIAGEN.com and use code “COLDCASE” to receive $20 off any 3+ month supply, live from now until 6/30/2020! Treat your hair with MADISON REED! Get 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING on your first Color Kit with code "COLDCASE" at www.madison-reed.com  Get a quote online at www.Progressive.com in as little as 5 minutes and see how much you could be saving!

Duration: 51 min

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