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A Family Cursed

A Family Cursed

Everyone in the family knew that Zilpha was the cool aunt, but to Jeremiah she was more. They had a special bond, almost like brother and sister. So in the Fall of 1992 when Jeremiah disappeared, Zilpha knew something was very wrong. Then just eight months later, Zilpha disappeared, too. Was it just a strange coincidence that two people from the same family disappeared within the same year? Or did these two cases have a terrible connection? Save money with HONEY - your new promo code finder! Get Honey for FREE at www.JoinHoney.com/coldcase  Support cellular defense and repair with TRU NIAGEN! Visit www.TRUNIAGEN.com and use code “COLDCASE” to receive $20 off any 3+ month supply, live from now until 6/30/2020! Get a quote online at www.Progressive.com in as little as 5 minutes and see how much you could be saving!

Duration: 38 min

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