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A Drop of Blood

A Drop of Blood

Indiana police are baffled by the murder of an 86-year-old woman, found dead in her bedroom with a pillow and a footstool on top of her head. With few leads and no conceivable motive the case remains unsolved for years, until a single piece of evidence uncovers Julia Gurty's killer. Get your groceries delivered with HELLO FRESH! Go to www.HelloFresh.com/coldcase80 and use code coldcase80 to get $80 off – including free shipping on your first box! Find affordable online therapy with TALKSPACE. Go to www.Talkspace.com - or download the app - and use code COLDCASE to get $100 off your first month. Meet your financial goals with UPSTART! Go to www.Upstart.com/coldcase to find out how low your Upstart rate is!

Duration: 29 min

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