EP 02 - Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends: Bob Blakeman

EP 02 - Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends: Bob Blakeman

In Episode 2 of ‘Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends’ our host brings into Aftermaster Studios in Hollywood the great photographer and long time collaborator, Robert (Bob) Blakeman. Kosh and Bob have been working together since the early 1980’s. Lot’s of big pop names are discussed and secrets revealed, Rod Stewart and Linda Ronstadt reappear from EP1, along with The Motels, the Pointers Sisters, and the great Jimmy Webb with his original Ford Cobra. Also, we get a peak behind one of the most famous beer campaign glamour posters ever shot(see above), as well as the time Bob was allowed to shoot infamous Oakland Hell's Angel, Sonny Barger. Originally a SoCal native Robert Blakeman was educated in the MFA program at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Starting an independent studio in the late 1970’s, he very quickly began shooting industrial and fashion with Levi Strauss, Joseph Magnin and Anheuser-Busch, including one of the most famous of the beer maker’s glamour shots of the 1980’s. He also owned the historic Engine Company 17 firehouse in downtown Los Angeles that helped launch the City’s revitalization project in the early 2000’s. Listen in as Kosh and Bob relay stories through their careers and the rock n roll world. Check out Bob Blakeman's work here: http://robertblakeman.com/index.html

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