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#394 Prelinguistic Skill #9 Imitates Others

#394 Prelinguistic Skill #9 Imitates Others

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP from @teachmetotalk and teachmetotalk.com as she continues the series on prelinguistic skills all toddlers master before words emerge. In this audio and visual podcast, we'll be discussing skill #9 Imitates Actions, Gestures, Sounds, and Words. This skill is important because imitation is how all children learn to talk. As parents of late talkers, we may begin to teach a child to talk by trying to get them to say words, but kids have to learn how to imitate easier, earlier things - like actions, gestures, and play sounds - before they begin to imitate words. Watch the show for the sequence of teaching imitation and strategies to make it easier for you to teach a child who is having difficulty learning to imitate on his own. Therapists, earn one hour of CE credit for watching this show at teachmetotalk.com. Podcast #394 ASHA Course #0394 Credit available March 15, 2020

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