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#392 Prelinguistic Skill #7 Understands Familiar Words and Follows Directions

#392 Prelinguistic Skill #7 Understands Familiar Words and Follows Directions

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com as she discusses prelinguistic (before language develops) skills all toddlers master before they begin to talk on this one hour audio-video podcast. This show is about skill #7 understands familiar words and follows directions. Speech-language pathologists refer to this skill as receptive language or how a child understands what he hears. Kids learn how to understand words before they learn to use words to communicate. When a toddler has difficulty following directions, we know that he will have difficulty learning to talk. Many times parents overestimate what a child truly understands. The ONLY way we know that a child is comprehending is by paying attention to how he responds when we talk to him. If a toddler does not complete verbal requests by 18 months, chances are, he has a receptive language delay. Watch this show for ways therapists and parents can help toddlers improve their receptive language skills. Therapists - get CE credit for this 1 hour course. See details at https://teachmetotalk.com. Find all info on the ASHA CEU page.

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