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#391 Prelinguistic Skill #6 Plays with Toys Appropriately

#391 Prelinguistic Skill #6 Plays with Toys Appropriately

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com as she discusses prelinguistic (before language develops) skills all toddlers master before they begin to talk on this one hour audio-video podcast. This show is about skill #6 Learning to Play with a Variety of Toys Appropriately. This milestone means that a child explores new toys, likes to play, uses his or her little body to manipulate toys, and is learning through play with lots of different toys. At this developmental level, we’re looking for the most basic kind of functional play with any common toy or very familiar object. This means that a child uses an item in the way it’s intended. We’re not discouraging creativity or free play, but we do want to see that a toddler understands how to use well-known items. Play is important for language development because play is a terrific and developmentally-appropriate way little kids learn (most) everything! Children who don’t play with toys miss vital opportunities to acquire and practice and variety of skill, including language. Research tells us that many times, language is closely linked with a child’s play skills. Therapists - get CE credit for this 1 hour course.https://teachmetotalk.com/asha-ceu-courses/

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